Mary-Lou Manizer | Review

I know I’ve been awol as of late but my site has not been working at all. It’s beyond frustrating because I now have a bunch of posts to get done, but I’m hoping it’s all sorted now, fingers crossed.

Mary Lou by TheBalm is one of the classics when it comes to highlighters. I bought it a few years back after seeing YouTubers raving about it and once I ran out, I never repurchased. Not entirely sure why, but that seems to be how it goes for me.

Saturday however, I was taking a walk through Debenhams, as usual, and found myself at TheBalm counter. Once I saw it, I had to buy it. And I’m not one bit sorry.


It is the prettiest highlighter I’ve ever used before & without further ado, here is my full review.

So let’s start with the packaging; TheBalm wins every single time. It is so inventive, so original. Honestly, I’m obsessed. I love the level of detail that goes into, not just Mary Lou, but every single product. The fingerprints on the back of the box are genius, the whole concept of this woman going to prison for her poppin’ highlight is genius.

I love that the compact is the same design as the box. The mirror is decently sized and the product. Well, now it’s time for the good part.

The highlight is so soft and buttery. It is insanely pigmented, and just the right type of pigment for a natural look, but also can be built up for something dramatic.

I have no idea why I never repurchased but I’m so glad i did now. Have you tried Mary Lou? Leave me know in the comments what you think! Mary Lou Manizer can be bought on the Debenhams website

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