13 Reasons Why You Should Live

The title of this post may seem daunting. I know, suicide is a serious issue. But it’s one that needs to be discussed. My blog may focus on beauty, but I do want to be able to speak to my readers about topics that affect so many of us.

13 Reasons Why has been taking the world by storm the last few weeks. For those of you who don’t know, 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and sends 13 tapes to those who pushed her towards suicide.

I know, it sounds dark and it is. The series is based off the novel, written by Jay Asher. Being a bookworm, I actually read the book a few years ago and when I heard about then the series, I was very apprehensive. From what I’ve heard, the series doesn’t make for easy watching, but the book also doesn’t make for easy reading.

It is very upsetting. My boyfriend and I actually only started watching the series a few days ago and I’m still unsure of whether I’ll continue.

But I think with a series like this, young, impressionable teens need to know that suicide is not the answer. So, before you decide that ending your life is the right decision, here are 13 Reasons Why you should live.

1. It Gets Better

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking what does she know? Well, take it from someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety. Who self harmed, wrote multiple suicide notes and was basically unhappy with her life, herself, everything, for many years.

It gets better. You may be thinking that you’re life is at its absolute worst but please believe me when I say that life gets better. For many years I thought I would be unhappy forever.

And I didn’t notice when it happened, I didn’t see it coming, but one day it just didn’t feel as bad as the day before. And the next day felt better then the last and so on.

Life gets better. Surround yourself with positive people, have someone to talk to. Write down why you are unhappy and then write down why you are. Focus on the positives because one day you’ll wake up and find that the positives in your life outweighs the negatives.

2. You Have So Much To Experience

Life is a journey. And sometimes journeys are tough. But everyday is a new day and there is a huge world out there full of things waiting for you to see.

And it isn’t just about travelling; there’s books to read, movies to see, job interviews to attend. Blind dates, new friends, marriage. There is so much that you wouldn’t get to experience if you take your life.

Dont you want to stick around for that?

3. School Doesn’t Last Forever

I know many of you are unhappy in school. Maybe you get bad grades and your parents give you a hard time, maybe you’re being bullied, maybe a teacher doesn’t like you and makes your life hell.

I know it’s hard. But it won’t last forever. One day, you will walk out those doors and never have to go back. School is a small obstacle that you have to overcome in your life.

But it does end. And when it does, you can feel proud, clap yourself on the back, love yourself for sticking it out and not leaving anyone get in your way.

School is hard, but is it really worth cutting your life short?

4. Someone Is Out There Waiting For You

If you’re a teen, you may not have met the love of your life. You might of, but if you haven’t, you will. Someone is out there waiting to meet someone like you.

You will never get to do that if you end your life. And trust me, that feeling you get in your stomach when the person you love looks at you, it’s worth waiting for. I promise.

5. You Are Loved

When I was at my lowest, I thought I had no one. That it was me against the world, and the world was winning. But it wasn’t like that. Because people loved me, I just couldnt see it.

My family, friends, they cared for me.

I mistaked my friends questions of are you ok? For being nosey and wanting information so they could laugh at me. I thought my family was overbearing. In my head everyone wanted me to fail, but it was actually me that wanted me to fail.

And everyone else was just trying to love me. Whether you believe it or not, people love you and it’s something that’s worth holding on to.

6. Don’t let it win

Whatever the reason is that you feel like you’re not worth living, don’t leave it win. You are worth it.  You deserve to be here. Stay.

7. You’re here for a reason

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, cliche maybe but that’s what I believe.

I also believe  that we were all put here for or a reason. If you end your life you will never know what you could’ve achieved, never know what that reason is. Stay, stay and find out why you are here.

8. You will never hold your baby in your arms

I don’t have children yet, but I’ve heard that holding your baby for the first time in your arms is one of the most magical feelings in the world.

You will never experience that if you take your life. Your future children will never even exist.

Dont you wanna see if they’ll look like you?

9. You’re leaving so much behind

If there was one thing that was absolutely heart wrenching from what I’ve seen so far of the series, is Hannahs mothers grief.

That is what your family, friends, everyone who loves will feel. You may feel like you’re solving the pain you’re experiencing right now.

But suicide doesn’t take away the pain, it passes it to someone else.

Your family loves you and the need you. Do you have younger siblings? You will never get to see them grow up. And they will never get to see you become who you’re supposed to be.

10. You’re going to grow

You may be unhappy with yourself right now. But please remember, we change everyday. You are not going to be the same person forever.

One day you will wake up and start transforming into who you are meant to be. And that’s beautiful.

I’m still changing everyday, I’m not who I’m meant to be just yet. But I’ve come a long way from what I was. Because I stuck around to see it and you should too.

11. You get to share your story

In a few weeks, months, even years when things are better you get to share your story. You could save someone life. You get to help people who are going through similar situations to what you went through.

Think about how alone you feel right now. One day you may meet someone who feels the way you feel right now. And you could change their life.

12. Friends may reboot

Friends could make a new season, JK Rowling might write another Harry Potter book, Mickey might come back to Shameless.

It might not be a TV series or a novel for you, maybe it is. But think of something you really want to happen.

Whether it’s someone you like asking you out or going on a holiday. It will never happen or you will never know if it happens if you take your life.

Sometimes it’s the small things in life. Stick around and find out.

13. You are BEAUTIFUL 

You, whether you’re male or female are beautiful. Not just on the outside, but the inside too.

The world needs you, your family needs you, your friends need you, I need you.

You the beautiful and the whole world should know. So don’t take your life.

Take one day at a time, watch yourself grow, wait anxiously to see if that tv series you want back does indeed come back, meet the love of you life, hold your baby in your arms, show the world your beauty & Live.


Mystery Blogger Award | Awards

Today’s blog post is a small bit different than usual, but I am absolutely thrilled to be writing it. I have been nominated for the mystery blogger award by chelseafore who runs a blog she likes to call “a mom blog” but honestly it is so fabulous. She writes about a range of topics from fashion, grocery hauls, and gardening. She’s also extremely beautiful and such a lovely person. Head over and say hi from me!

And all of the credit goes to the lovely Okoto for creating this award. Such a wonderful way for people to get to know each other.

The Rules:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions from the nominator
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Share a link to your best post(s)
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice

3 Facts About Me:

  • I am absolute, 100% obsessed with Harry Potter. I’ve read all the books over 50 times and have lost count a number of times I’ve watched the movies. When I’m bored I like to watch YouTube videos of fan videos and cast interviews. I speak about it at least once a day & my boyfriend got me a voucher to get the footprints from the Marauders map on my wrist.
  • I have been together with my boyfriend for four years since we were both 15. We’ve been together longer than some ‘proper adults’, as I like to call them, which is mind boggling. I’m going to be twenty in a few months so it’s crazy to think that I’ve spent that much of my life with someone. We are planning on moving to Australia once he finishes college, so exciting times ahead!
  • Despite being 19, I am still just as fascinated with children’s toys just as I was when I was a kid. I have a little sister, and I could sit for hours playing with her dolls- even when she’s not around. It’s a little strange, but I love them.


1.  What is the Top thing on your most want list? If you could just buy it right now what would it be?

A. I know my blog is beauty related and I should probably say something related to that, but right now I really want a car. I am one the last one of my friends to do my driving test because I’m so scared of driving, but lately, all I want to do is drive. My boyfriend lives in a different town and trains get expensive but I’m currently broke, so the car will have to wait. Besides that, it would the Moondust palette by Urban Decay or a bar of chocolate, so you know, varies lol.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. I try to take every day as it comes, I like to make vague plans but nothing set in concrete because you never know what could happen. But, in five years I’d like to be in Australia, doing what? I don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead. Hopefully, I will still have my blog because it’s one of the most important things in my life right now. Above all else, I just hope to be happy. Whether I’ve kids, no kids, unemployed, employed, as long as I’m happy, it’s good enough for me.

3. What is something you are really good at?

A. Hm, I don’t know. I like to think I’m good at giving advice. My friends come to me whenever they have a problem and I try my best to solve it. I guess you could say I’m a problem solver. And none of them have said a bad word against my advice yet, so I must be doing something right.

4. What is your favorite smell?

A. Vanilla. Anything vanilla scented, vanilla tasting, I love, love, love it!

5. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. I wanted to be a few things at different points of childhood. I’m sure the first was a vet, then I really wanted to be a doctor. For most of secondary school, I wanted to do Forensic Science until I came to realize that I couldn’t stand it. Then I wanted to be a Special FX artist but figured getting a job in that was extremely hard, so now it’s more of a hobby. Currently, I want to be a writer and blogger. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and have numerous novel drafts sitting on my laptop. It may go nowhere, but it’s definitely the thing I’ve been most dedicated to.

My Best Post:

I guess in terms of stats my best post would have to be My March Favourites but in terms of what I’m most proud of, it would have to be my Primark Skin Care Range Review just because I was so honest, which I didn’t think I would actually be able to do.

Again, thank you so much chelseafore for nominating me and allowing me to share a bit more about myself. You’re an absolutely gorgeous person!

My Nominees:

Questions For My Nominees:

  1. Who is your role model and why?
  2. Why did you start your blog? Is going how you expected?
  3. What was the last thing you splurged on for yourself?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  5. If someone gave you a book of your life, from birth to death, would you read it?

I had so much fun doing this award nomination! Thank you again, Chelsea, I loved every second of it. Be sure to pop over and say hi. And, if I didn’t nominate you, feel free to answer any of the questions down in the comments!


Primark Skin Care Range | Review

This blog post has been a long time coming, but finally I am getting around to doing my full review on Primark’s skin care range. I will admit, I had my doubts about doing this review but I realized that I started this blog to share my thoughts and therefore I should be honest, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Before we begin, don’t forget that I currently have a giveaway over on my Instagram so be sure to go and enter for a chance to win!

My first ever blog post was a first impressions on this range and can be read here if anyone is interested. Some backstory on my skin; it is extremely sensitive and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to put the products on my skin, but most seemed to go well. Opinions have changed since I wrote that and started to use those products more, and without any further rambling, we’ll begin!

nblk km
PS Love To Glow

First up is the PS Love To Glow face mask. When I first took this out of the box, I was apprehensive,  the colour really made me feel uneasy but eventually, I pushed past and used the product. It felt surprisingly nice, but as I began to use it more I realized that my skin was drying out, and around my nose started to crack. As you can imagine, it was terrifying and after a matter of eliminating every product used on my skin, it came down to this one and I stopped using it right away.

Now, up until my skin started to crack, I actually quite liked this. It felt really nice on the skin and it had a lovely, subtle scent but I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin to steer clear of this, as it did affect me in such a bad way. It may have only been my skin it reacted bad with however, so keep this in mind.

PS Easy On The Eyes & Lovely And Bubbly

I knew from the first time I used the PS Lovely & Bubbly face wash that we wouldn’t get along. The scent was very lovely, but so overpowering that it irritated my skin after the second time I used it. Therefore in my first impressions I said I would not be trying this out to review it as it was messing with my skin. It’s a shame though, as it did do an amazing job at giving my face a really good clean.

In my first impressions the PS Easy On The Eyes was my firm favourite. Like I said, I love finding inexpensive makeup removers, so I was super happy about this. The only complaint I had was that it was the slightest bit oilier than other makeup removers but I was quite happy.

Now however, I’m not a huge fan. Basically, after the first few weeks, the same thing happened with this as did the face mask. Except it was around my eyes that began to crack. Not attractive. I was pretty disappointed that it was reacting bad with my skin, but of course, I stopped using it. Apart from that, it was great. Would I recommend it? Not really.

PS Face The Day

The last item that I tried out is the PS Face The Day moisturizer. In my first impressions I was unsure of this product because I was worried the scent would irritate my skin, but this actually turned out to be my favourite product that I tried out. It’s oil free with cucumber and witch hazel and is so light weight. It honestly feels like nothing is on my face. And the packaging is absolutely adorable.  I feel like this would suit all skin types but if you have a problem with overly scented things, then stay away.

After reading, do you think you’ll be trying out the range? Leave me know down below in the comments. If you want to shop the range, you can do so here

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Until next time, x


Kat Von D Pastel Goth | Looks

My first look using the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette is complete, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Although not day time appropriate, I still had a lot of fun creating this& I have plenty more to come.

If you’d like to know how I got this look, please, read on!

To start I primed my eyes with the holy grail of holy grails, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and set it with a powder close to my skin colour.

Next is when the real fun began. Taking Pastel Goth, I picked up gloom on a real technique shadow brush and ran it through my crease. Once it was built up to a shade I was happy with, I cleaned up the lid with concealer.

Then I took star on the same brush (clean one) and put that on the outer v and dragged it up into the crease, blending it together with the previous shade.

Taking the Naked 3, I used the shade buzz right on the centre of the lid and used skull from the KVD palette right under my brow bone.

I used Soap and Glorys Cat liner to make a small wing and applied a bit of mascara.

For my brows, I took the shades meow and dope from the KVD palette and basically just built them on top of each other until I was happy with the result.

For the rest of my face, I applied a small amount of foundation & then contoured softly with dope before adding some bronzer to tone down the purple.

I used quite a hefty amount of Sleek highlighter because I really like to glow and then I finished with a Matte Candy liquid lipstick in Tease.

And that is it! The finished look. I really hope you enjoyed and if you did, please, hit that follow button so you never miss a post! Also, check out my instagram giveaway! My username is misschloetoni x

Matt Candy Liquid Lipstick | Review + Giveaway!

Phew, I am so glad to finally have this review up! If you don’t follow me on Instagram (you totally should btw) then you wouldn’t know how much I’ve been raving about these products for the last day or so.

I loved these products so much that I’m even doing a giveaway, but more on that later.

The products I’m reviewing today are the Matt Candy Liquid Lipsticks made by hair extensions company Hairspray. This company has quite a few own brand beauty items such as nails & makeup brushes. But I believe it’s the lipsticks that really make them stand out from the crowd.


Instagram @misschloetoni


The packaging on these lipsticks is extremely simple; a clear bottle, name sticker and lip stained metallic pink lids. The box that the lipsticks come in are also extremely simple but are so bloody cute. Again, it’s pink with darker pink stripes running down with the name, shade & same lips logo on the front.

Matte Candy Packaging
Like I said, super cute. Now on to the actual product. These lipsticks come in a ton of shades, but I chose to pick outside my comfort zone & pick shades that I wouldn’t normally wear on a daily basis. Therefore, I settled on Joy, Tease, Champagne and Kiss. The formula of these is amazing. I was quite worried like I said above, about using these. I thought they may be too drying, or that they would be too sticky.

But I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency of the product, the vibrancy and the fact that they dried nicely but didn’t dry out my lips any more than a more expensive liquid lipstick, which for me is important.


Champagne, Kiss, Joy, Tease
Overall, I was so, so happy with these liquid lipsticks. I couldn’t have asked for more and I would highly recommend buying, and if you are interested you can buy here. I even loved them so much, that I decided to do a giveaway! I will be giving away four of these liquid lipsticks, shades picked out by the winner themselves as well as a few other goodies. If you are interested, head over to my Instagram where you’ll find all the info you need (it’s open international & you need to be following my blog, just a hint)

I hope you liked the review, I hope you enter the giveaway and I hope you hit that follow button or sign up by email so you never miss a post! Xx




Kat Von D Pastel Goth | First Impressions

Finally, I managed to get my hands on the gorgeous, limited edition Pastel Goth palette by Kat Von D. The excitement that coursed through my veins as I laid eyes on it in the store were something else. Let me set the scene; so there I was,  walking through Debenhams all ready to stock up Urban Decays eyeshadow primer when I saw it. The tears were real. Now some of you may think I’m overreacting but, I’ve been waiting for this palette for a very long time.

So naturally, I bought it. I was buzzing as I held it in my hands, walked to the cashier and handed over the 40 euro. All the way home I had to stop myself from ripping open the packaging and swatching all the beautiful shadows inside, But I contained myself, and here we are. So ladies and gents here is my First Impression of Kat Von D Pastel Goth.

Kat Von D Pastel Goth


Before we begin, I will not be inserting swatch pictures in this post. Instead, I will be doing so on my Snapchat & Instagram stories, both of which are @misschloetoni so be sure to give those a follow!

First off, the packaging of this palette may be one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen in my whole life. The box is the exact same design as the actual palette and the design itself is pretty simple. Pastel Goth is written in funky lettering, and the words are a mix match of some of the colours in the palette.

When you open up the palette you are met with a small mirror, with the classic Kat Von D logo and of course the shadows. The pan size of each is relatively big, especially considering the colours aren’t something you would wear every day so you wouldn’t be reaching for it 24/7. My boyfriend and I are in agreement, however, that I should make it a part of my everyday makeup routine.

The shadows are everything you would want in a shadow, soft, buttery, not too powdery and of course; pigmented! I can not wait to dive in and start using it!

Of course, I will do a full review once I use the palette for a while and expect lot’s of makeup tutorials in the coming weeks. Unfortunetly, it is sold out on Kat Von D website but it is available at Debenhams and can be purchased here

If you like this post and never want to miss one then make sure you click that follow button and I will speak to you next time! X

Naked 3 vs Nude Eyes | Dupes

I know I have been completely awol for like the past month, which I completely apologise for. It has been hectic, my new site is on hold and it’s just been a mess. But, I’m back & I also still have 25% off Mikasa Beauty- not only there brushes but everything on their site!

If you are interested visit http://www.mikasabeauty.com and use the code Chloeantonia25 at the checkout!

So I think I may have found a dupe for the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I know, everyone has a dupe for this, but I don’t think I’ve seen this one floating around anywhere.

The palette in question is actually from Primark and is from their PS collection. It is called nude eyes and I cannot remember where I got this, at all. I definitely didn’t buy it myself, but I found it & swatched it and thought this looks hella similar.

Best part about this? It’s only €5, guys in Ireland the Naked palettes go for about €45, you can save yourself so much money.

Nude Eyes has ten eye shadows, whereas Naked 3 has 12. Ive narrowed it down and the two shadows that seem to be missing are Limit and Burnout. Every other shadow is there from Dust to Blackheart & they are pretty bang on if you ask me. I will be doing swatches and comparisons over on Snapchat which is misschloetoni & also on Instagram which is the same handle!

So what do you think? Will you be rushing out to buy Nude Eyes? Leave me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed please follow my (m blog so you never miss a post. Xx


Mikasa Beauty + 25% | First Impressions

Today I’m coming at you about a brand called Mikasa Beauty. They are a new brand that specialises in makeup brushes, but also sells makeup, hair accessories, and lashes.

The selection of brushes is amazing and they like to say they match competitive prices. They currently are nearing half a million followers on Instagram (@MikasaBeauty) and overall I’m extremely excited about this.

Also, they have their own version of the beauty blender called Lemon Drop and it the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (currently waiting on mine to arrive, soon hopefully, fingers crossed)

I would highly recommend checking them out & for those who do, I have a special surprise for you! Once you get to the checkout stage, enter my promotion code Chloeantonia25 for 25% off anything on their site!

If you are interested click http://www.mikasabeauty.com#oid=47484_1464 to get taken to their webpage! Enjoy xx

Charcoal Face Mask | DIY

I’m sure you have all heard of the charcoal face mask that is taking the beauty world by storm, and if not- where the hell have you been?

The different variations of these mask come with a ton of promises such as clearer skin, tighter skin, smaller pores & no blackheads. I mean, yes, sign me up! But, sometimes these masks can get pretty expensive.

And that, is where the DIY masks come in. These have also been circulating around the beauty community and I have never actually tried them mainly because I was terrified. But I finally plucked up the courage, bought the items & made the mask.

I’m going to be sharing the ingredients, process & how I felt down below, so keep reading.


– activated charcoal capsules

– non toxic glue (liquid)

First off, it gets very messy so be sure and wear something you don’t really care about getting stained. Secondly, I’m awful at measuring things out so this is all going to be an estimate.

Taking a bowl, you want to pour in 1/4 cup of glue. Then take 3 charcoal capsules, unscrew them and empty into bowl. Stir well until no powder is leftover visible.

Be sure to wash your face before doing this, preferably steam your face too, this will open your pores. Take an old makeup brush, or whatever you’d like and apply an even layer to your face. Avoid baby hairs, eyebrows and all other hair you don’t want gone (it WILL pull it out) also avoid under the eyes as it pulls dreadfully. Leave until fully dry and then peel off.

My experience wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. It hurts, not gonna lie. And it pulls the crap of your face, and I’m not talking about the dirt here. It literally pulls so much on your face. But would I do it again? Absolutely.

It got everything, despite how sore it was, my skin has never been clearer and I would recommend it.

Thank you so much for reading, I found you enjoyed please like and follow my blog so you never miss a post. Also leave me a comment down below if you try this mask out, or if you have already. I will be doing a giveaway once I reach 50 followers sonnet sure to follow me if you’d like Ike to win!


March Favourites | Favourites

I know we have not yet reached the end of March, however, I feel that any product I fall in love with between now and April probably would be better suited in my April favorites, so, I don’t feel as guilty about being a week early.

Honestly, this month I wasn’t loving as many products as I usually would. Money was short this month as I’m just your typical broke nineteen-year-old and I didn’t do much shopping. In fact, most of my favorites this month were products I had purchased months prior and completely forgot about, you know, as you do. So without further ado, here are my March Favourites.

Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.

I’ve had my eye on this palette for so, so long and I don’t actually know why it took me so long to get round to buying it, but of course, I’m behind in everything so naturally it took me longer than everyone else.

I adore this palette, particularly the shade ice queen and sculpt (if you’re a fellow pale skinned creature you’ll appreciate these shades) It’s not an overly powdery palette, in my opinion, the shades are all easy to blend, smooth and extremely pigmented.

The only thing that annoys me about this product is how flimsy the packaging feels. I’m never home on weekends so I get the train twice a week and I’ve never been able to leave home without placing the product back in its box because I’m so scared it’ll fall apart. But aside from that, I bloody love this. You can purchase the palette here.

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush.

This was a product that I recently discovered hiding in my makeup collection and have no memory buying, but it was a great find. My shade is in Pink, Pop & Pearl and it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Soap & Glory win when it comes to packaging every time but the inside product is a shimmering dream. Of course, because it is so shimmery, it doubles as a highlight (unless you’re me because I like to glowwww) so it’s really a two in one type product.

As for how the product actually performs, it’s amazing, again, so blendable, buildable and not powdery at all. Not to mention how affordable it is. Soap & Glory are honestly my favourite drug store brand, You can purchase the blush here.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer

I’ve been on the lookout for a good, affordable primer for some time now & I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. This primer promises to fade the appearance of wrinkles and minimise pores, and although I can’t vouch on the wrinkle promise, I can definitely vouch on the minimising of pores. It fills in pores like nothing I’ve ever used before and is also really lightweight. The moisturising feel you get when applying is amazing and is probably one of my favourite things about the primer. The packaging is beautiful; simple and very classy, just what I love. You can buy the primer here and I would highly recommend doing so.

Naked 3 Palette

This is something I recently fell in love with all over again after it became lost in my collection and that is, of course, the very well known Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. Naked 3 has always been my favourite naked palette & I’m so glad I’m using it again. The shades are buttery and soft and blend out amazing. In my opinion, it is well worth the price as the palette itself lasts a long time & with the right primer, the shadows last for ages as well. The shades are beautiful, anything pinky toned I love and the packaging is fabulous. I’m not going to go on any more about this because I’m sure everyone knows about the palette by now. You can purchase it here.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick & Liner

The last item on my favourite list that I’ll be speaking about is Essence long lasting lipstick in number 13 and lip liner in 12 wish you were here.Essence is one of my absolute adorn drugstore brands. The pricing is fabulous, the packaging is super cute & the quality of the products is amazing. Their lipsticks have always been a love of mine so it came as no surprise to me that this one has become a staple in my makeup bag. The shade is beautiful cool toned pink that glides across your lips so easily. What I love most is how buttery and long lasting these lipsticks are. As for the liner, I’ve bought liners from the drugstore that are super scratchy, but that’s not the case with Essence liners. Again, they’re smooth and long lasting and the shade range is amazing. You can find the products here.

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed please like and follow my blog so you never miss a post and leave me know in the comments what your March Favourites are! X