Everyday Makeup Look | Looks

I never do my makeup everyday. Honestly, I don’t see the point. So when I do get round to doing it, I like to go all out (but nothing too dramatic) so I thought I would talk you through my everyday makeup routine.

1. No7 Airbrush Away Primer

to start off, I prep my skin with the No7 primer, which is honestly fantastic. I would highly recommend it!

2. Catrice HD Liquid Foundation & Collection Concealer

next I take my foundation all over my face with the real techniques buffing brush and then I take the collection concealer in fair under the eyes and buff it in with the same brush.

3. Bronzer and NYX Contour Pro Palette.

this is when I bring a bit of colour back to my face using any bronzer that’s closer to hand. Today, that was Sunkissed by Lucy which is a huge and gorgeous bronzer. Next to add some dimension I use my NYX pro palette and take the shade sculpt and lightly contour my cheekbones.

4. Sleek Blush & Nyx Highlight

moving on to blush and my fav right now is an oldie but it’s the sleek blush from the face contour kit. It’s the most beautiful blush with specks of gold scattered throughout. Then picking up ice queen from the same NYX palette, I lightly dust the high points of my face.

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 & Nyx

i keep it pretty simple for the eyes, using sculpt yet again in my crease and darkening it with toffee from the same NYX palette. I then take strange from the naked 3 and sweep that across my lid, and then take dust to add a little sparkle.

6. Soap &a Glory Gloss Stick

to finish off the look I take soap and glory gloss stick in nudist, which is a beautiful pinky shade that I think is perfect for a natural looking lip.

as you can tell I am not a makeup artist, nor am I trying to say I am. Just thought it would be fun to share some of my fav products right now!

Leave me know your fav products to use everyday and don’t forget to follow my blog if you enjoyed, x



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