Essence My Must Haves | First Impressions

Guys I found the best find in Primark or Penny’s if you live in Ireland like me. I’m not sure how long these shadows have been on the market but it is my first time coming across them.

The shadows are called my must haves and they are from the brand Essence. What’s cool about them is there are two different palettes that you can fill with these shadows.

I chose the 4 palette to start but there was also an 8pan. The four pan and all the shadows are only €1.90! How amazing is that?

So I’ve decided to share the four colours I chose, and I chose these for a special reason so who knows, maybe you’ll get to see a look revolving around them!

The first shade is tiffunny which is a gorgeous silver eyeshadow, it’s just full of glitter! When the time comes that I get to sweep this across my eye, it shall be a great day!

Next up is raspberry frosting and again it’s full of glitter. The only thing that makes it better? It’s pink glitter!

Purple clouds is up next and as the name suggests, it’s purple. Although it’s still a shimmer shadow it is definitely the most matte like out of the the four I picked up. Still just as excited to use it though!

Lastly is have a n’ice day. It is This beautiful icy blue shade. And it was actually my boyfriend who picked it out, must say he has good taste because judging by appearance only, I think this may be my favourite.

Of course I still need to test the products and I promise a review will come once I do. If you enjoyed this post be sure to follow my blog so you never miss a post!



13 thoughts on “Essence My Must Haves | First Impressions

    1. Me too! They are such an amazing brand, probably my favourite from the drugstore. Is Essence Australia not vegan? I assumed it would be in every country (btw completely jealous that you live there) I agree, so underrated. Thank you for commenting x


    1. Essence mascara is fab! Hm, Soap & Glory is one of my all time favourite brands, Urban Decay & NYX I love a lot as well. Collection, Catrice & Barry M are a few more. I don’t really stick to one brand but those are a few I love or have been trying out lately. I’m so jealous of you in the US, you guys have the best makeup brands x

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      1. I haven’t heard of the last 3 but I absolutely love soap & glory, urban decay, and especially Nyx. Lately I’ve bought a lot of too faced cosmetics though! I currently work at an Elizabeth Arden counter too so I wear a lot of that. πŸ’› it’s always interesting hearing about new brands !


      2. Oh out of the last three if theres one you have to try, it’s got to be collection. They are so afforable and their concealer is probably the best concealer at the drugstore, in my opinion(but that might be because Im super pale & it’s the only one that matches lol) I love Elizabeth Arden, their products are great. Would you believe I’ve never tried too faced? It’s crazy because I know so many of their products, just never got round to buying them x

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      3. I gotta try whatever foundation you use then because I’m extremely pale as well…I can’t even wear Clinique foundation because it looks orange on me. I typically wear the Maybelline FitMe foundation in 210 but I just wish it was cruelty free! And girl you HAVE to get too faced sometime or Pur cosmetics…their eyeshadow palettes are so pigmented! I just posted 2 pictures of new palettes from them on my insta πŸ’œ

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      4. I have a few, that I use & can’t think of right now but I know one is from Bourjois, another is Catrice, both in the lightest shades of coutse ahaha. And I love Estee Lauders Double Wear in Shell, which is the best shade of foundation I’ve found for my skin. I know I’m trying to slowly go through my makeup and get rid of cruelty products but it is so hard. I’ve heard such great things, about two faced in particular. What’s your Instagram? I made a new account for my blog so trying to connect with people ahah x


      5. You’re definitely going to have to tell me more about those brands sometime because I don’t think we have those! I’m surprised you love EstΓ©e Lauder, that’s the other counter at my job and although I love their products I find that their foundation is a bit dark. And I completely understand, I’m going through the same thing…I’m vegetarian and very pro animal rights but some brands work so perfectly for my skin and aren’t cruelty free. My Instagram is @melgibsss


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